Posted on Apr 09, 2014

One last push!

As the work on the nave nears completion, we have received the wonderful news that two of our generous supporters – the Heritage Lottery Fund and Viridor Credits – have agreed to make us further grants totalling nearly £450,000.  They are obviously as impressed as we are with the quality of work being carried out by our excellent contractors Daedalus Conservation (part of R W Armstrong) and want to see it extended to the rest of the church.

In total, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Viridor Credits have each now offered us grants of about £1,150,000.  But we should also remember the huge contribution made by the people of Kingston in recent years.  Through one-off donations, through buying tiles, through joining the Angels scheme, through sponsoring intrepid fundraisers and through attending fundraising events of all kinds, our individual supporters have raised nearly a quarter of a million pounds themselves.  That is a marvellous effort, and we are truly grateful.

This latest news means that we are now within £100,000 of raising the money we need to complete the renovation of this amazing building.  So if you have been thinking about supporting us, now is the time.  If we make one last effort we can complete all there is to be done during the summer and go into the autumn in a wonderfully restored building.

There are plenty of ways to support the campaign, whether by buying a tile or becoming one of our growing army of Angels.  You can become a cherub for as little as £100, or a seraph for £1,000, or if you are feeling really generous you could join one of the higher ranks, going all the way up to Archangels and Kings.   If you have any questions about either of these schemes please contact us by telephone on 020 8439 1843 or by e-mail.

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