History of England

England has a long and eventful history. Many events and periods of English history still arouse people’s imagination, such as the Roman wars against the barbarians, the warfare between medieval English kingdoms, the Viking raids on the coastal regions, and famous royal families such as the Tudors.

These events are not the only history, but they formed the basis for the modern nation of England. Understanding them is still necessary to understand the country today.

Read our articles on the most thrilling events of English history, how they created the country of England as we know it today, and how they are still remembered to this day.

Historical Architecture in England

English history was marked by warfare and conflict, but also by the intrigues of the lives of the aristocracy. This historical heritage led to the building of scores of castles, manors, monuments, and other structures.

Many of these heritage sites remain today as a reminder of England’s tumultuous history. Learn more about the events and individuals who led to their creation and how they shape the modern country of England.

Preserving Historical Sites

The buildings that emerged in ancient times, the Middle Ages, and in the modern era are still appreciated in contemporary England. No effort is spared to maintain old historical heritage buildings and sites in good condition and to preserve their value.

Historical sites often remain in use as residences, businesses or monuments. They require constant care, and many people participate in maintaining them in numerous different ways.